SBF is composed of over 300 of business men and women who are in support of the Syrian revolution inside Syria and abroad. The SBF is required to accept new members who fit the criteria below:

1) To be a bearer of Syrian nationality

2) To be practicing clean, honest business/economics

3) Be known for their patriotism, integrity, and honesty

4) Must not be convicted of any crimes, even if they've been pardoned

5) Gets recommendation of two thirds vote of the public body (board of directors)

Duties of the Members:

- Contribute to the activities of the SBF to achieve its strategies, policies, and their implementation

- Attend the General Assembly meeting

- Be able to implement the decisions and announcements of the General Assembly and the council of management

- Adherence to the SBF and their charters of work in accordance with the requirements of the Arts codes of honor and integrity

- Should not partake in any action inconsistent with the SBF plans or visions

- Should not undertake any work on behalf of the SBF without prior official mandate from the General Assembly or Board of Directors

- Protection for SBF from any misrepresentative or malicious outside meetings