The Syrian Lira loses 43% of its original value

This SBF report talks about the declining purchasing power of Syrian lira day after day. What affects it has on the daily life of the Syrian people who run out of money because of corruption.


The number of displaced Syrians in the first wave of exodus has surpassed 300 thousand persons from Homs according to non-official reports. They resided along the Homs-Damascus road starting from Qara, Nabk and Deir Ateya to Damascus’s countryside in Sayeda Zainab all the way to Damascus’s hotels and furnished apartments which were occupied by the rich and well-off class of Homs.

The report examines the reality of the Syrian tourism in the suburbs of Damascus since March 2011 and the struggling role of the government in supporting this sector and its investments; it also evaluates the internal tourism and its role in economic Development.

The Cold of Bloudan

The Grand Hotel of Bloudan seemed small in front of the huge numbers of the displaced people who went to the tourist resort adjacent to the Lebanese borders who opened the doors of tourist villas and apartments without paying any taxes to the Ministry of Tourism.

Sources reveal that the first batch of Syrian currency (75 billion pounds), printed in Russia, arrived last week. The source also mentions that other batches are still on their way but the arrival of this first batch was ahead of schedule which was next August



The source confirmed that the currency received is very similar to the currency currently in circulation and denies rumors that this new currency will replace the old.