Economics and Human Development
The SBF supports economic and human development in Syria by asking the ‘Syria Foundation’, an independent non-profit organization, to organize and mobilize the best Syrian experts and professionals inside and outside of Syria to build a modern Syria cross linked with three sectors; public, private, and civil community. ‘Syria Foundation’ has projects concentrated in paths of education, training, research development, public policy, and civil society

Engaging Communities
The Syrian communities throughout the world with scientific, intellectual, political, and financial abilities should harness their energies positively and effectively to best serve the Syrian revolution. In this sense, the SBF works to network business men and women and politicians globally to unite their efforts in order to form a core of contribution in alleviating our people and future construction of Syria

Humanitarian Support
The SBF works to stimulate entrepreneurs and direct their energies towards supporting various humanitarian projects serving the Syrian revolution and support the sacrifices of the Syrian people for their freedom from this regime. This path includes establishing hospitals and field support for refugees as well as education projects for the children in displaced camps

Legal Field
The SBF works to support legal and human rights projects aiming to spread the thought and culture of the rule of law in the present and future. The forum confirms on the need to visualize a legal hold on the perpetrators of various crimes before and during the revolution in order to achieve national reconciliation and rebuild Syria free and safe, equality to all citizens regardless of their affiliation. Along this path, the forum supports civil society and legal projects which aim to prosecute people who commit illegal acts in Syria until justice has been served

Media, Culture, Art, and Sports
The SBF works on information campaigns of the Syrian revolution through communication with businesses and journalists at home and abroad and to be an information hub publishing details of the revolution for the world to witness the truth. The forum continues to activate the role of Syrian intellectuals, artists, and athletes in supporting mobility and formation of specialized committees to achieve their desired objectives

Revolutionary Support
The reviving of the revolution is due to the sacrifices made by our heroes inside of Syria and we need to be at their service. Therefore the SBF is committed to supporting projects that serve all forms of the revolutionary movement in the interior