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Coalition Ambassador boards Freedom train... to mobilize EU Efforts for Change and Support

The newly appointed ambassador to France of the Syrian National coalition and some 400 activists boarded a special ‘Train for Freedom in Syria’ in Paris on Tuesday, December 11, to head to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, to call for a change of leadership in the war-torn country " and to spread their message of support for the new opposition coalition and plead for help in the European Parliament. The Train-Trip was under the auspices of the Syrian Business Forum. One the most active opposition groups who supports Syrian revolution.


Coalition Ambassador Monzer Makhous said before boarding the train that it's important for Europeans to "better understand the challenges of the Syrian people."
Only two questions count, Makhous said: recognition of the coalition and the lifting of a European arms embargo that deprives FSA fighters of defending themselves against Regime forces.
"It's crucial for us," he said in an interview with The Associated Press. As for fears in the West that arms will fall into the hands of Islamist fighters, he said their presence is "very exaggerated." And, given the violence inflicted on civilians and rebels, "all combatants are welcome."

The train left Paris a day before a meeting of ‘Friends of Syria’ group in Marrakesh, which is expected to focus on new moves to strengthen the recently formed Syrian opposition coalition after recognizing it as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people in Marrakesh meeting.

The Gare de l'Est train station resounded with chants of "Bashar Out" and "Syria Lives" as part of a demonstration before the Freedom Train headed east.
The day-trip to Strasbourg is more than symbolic, the travelers said.

Activists, Intellectual,writers and artists like Faris al-Hilu and Samar Yazbek and others sang and waved flags as they boarded the train Train that carries No. 2454, hoping to voice their cause to European Members of Parliament in Strasbourg.

“I’m here because, well we’re all Syrians here. We are affected by everything that’s going on in Syria. And for us, we want to show solidarity with those in Syria, our brothers and sisters,” said one activist Roula Charafli to AP.

The delegation met the Vice-President of the European Parliament Isabel Duran and Gianni Bitla behalf of the President, as he also met in Strasbourg assistants to the Secretary of State of the European Union Catherine Ashton. The train carried several demands freedom for the support of the Syrian Revolution; to recognize the coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people, as France and Britain have done. It is also pleading for increased humanitarian aid.

In the same vein, Yves Aubin, The former French Ambassador in Tunisia and participant in train -trip, said to Al-Arabiya Channel: "We asked the European Parliament to aid civilian emergency and to permit the presence of humanitarian organizations in the Syrian cities to see what is going on and stop the violence.

'' We know that the absence of civil society organizations make the Assad regime will go further in his brutality.''

It should be present on the ground to see what is the size of the devastation caused by the bombing aircraft. Does it make sense to bombard towns and villages by people army who supposed to protect them. He added.

Marianne de Sarnaih, a member of the European Parliament said: "I was on the Syrian-Turkish border with colleagues from the European Parliament to know the needs of the Syrian people and we discussed today is to work immediately to send what is urgent and start training cadres of the opposition to the leadership of Syria after the current regime.

Jack Ralit, the former French Health Minister, has focused on the witnesses and observations of doctors who returned back recently from Syrian liberated areas which talk about suffers from shortage of medicines and lack of medical supplies and materials. Especially, in critical processes and cases of burns and injuries by bombs banned internationally.

Doctor Rafael Beite, returned from Aleppo with sad testimonials about the miserable conditions of the patients conditions in hospitals suffer from lack of equipments and medical materials within the lack of access of the international humanitarian aid to the city.

'' I spent ten days last October at a hospital in Aleppo without medication and strings for operations which usually conducts on the light of candles.'' the Doctor said.