SBF Sponsors The Free Childhood Project

The Syrian Business Forum sponsored the Free Childhood project which was held near Yalda’s refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border led by Syrian film director Walid Kowatli and a number of Syrian artists.

The project included an art workshop for children led by Syrian artist Thaer Hilal over a period of three weeks during which the children painted what they had experienced in their towns and villages that suffered brutal military action. Their paintings were characterized by realism that turned into lines and colors describing bitter events experienced by those children. One child drew one Syrian Army tank and a jetfighter pounding his home and there was blood everywhere; another child drew a regime soldier shooting his whole family with a caption on top of the painting reads: "God, Kill Bashar"; where as one girl chose to paint a dove of peace with the word "freedom."

SBF is currently working on the launch of an exhibition of these drawings in several Arab and foreign capitals in order to convey the voice of these children refugees to all the people of the world, and to embody their tragedy in the form of colors and drawings.