'Syria Through innocent eyes' An exhibition under patronage of SBF

The Syrian Business Forum opened on Tuesday morning, 5/3/2013, the exhibition "Syria through Innocent Eyes" in Alwakef Arts Center in collaboration with the Centre and the Qatar Foundation.


The exhibition that lasts 10days, contains more than 100 paintings drawn by Refugees Camps children in Turkey, part of a project carried out by the Forum near Kielce Turkish camp as "free childhood."

The paintings payout will go to relief work which is under the supervision of 'Qatar Charity' Association.

Mrs. Rawdha Mansouri, Arts Center Director, assured the importance of the exhibition in terms of the definition of visitors to the suffering of Syrian children in refugee camps, where paintings reflect the reality of their situation both in the towns and villages that were bombed or in refugee camps.

Mansouri, also stressed on the importance of cooperation with the Forum initiated and put the idea to the center, then follow-up to the implementation, noting at the same time that all the proceeds of the exhibition will be delivered to Qatar Charity for its expertise in the distribution of aid to the displaced Syrians at home, or for refugees in camps in neighboring countries of Syria.

According to the artistic view, Mansouri saw in the paintings "real talent, especially as they painted spontaneously honest, and confirmed it has been putting pictures of the plates while drawing and video clips of detail and documentation."

Mansouri pointed out that ALwakef Arts Center's staff took the initiative also by offering some of their belongings for sale in the private market place to donate for the relief of the Syrian people, also the Center has waiver about its share of selling the paintings in galleries, which amounting to 20% in favor of relief work.

In the same vein, Mr. Ali Al Qubaisi, Director of Finance at Qatar Charity, said the exhibition reflects a bright face of relief work, which was a result of cooperation with the Center, "Waqef Arts" with the initiative of Syrian Business Forum, to reflect the real feelings of children, which falls within the activities of Qatar Charity and campaigns relief, and the ongoing since of the Syrian Revolution broke out, and added: We'll Through our experience connect the proceeds of the paintings to the persons entitled to relief inside Syria and outside Syria's borders.

SBF had established the "free childhood" near the camp (Aldadag) located on the Syrian border - Turkey last year, the project included the establishment of the workshop fee for children, portrayed through what they experienced in their towns and villages, which suffered a brutal machine system of military , as characterized most realistic drawings meanings of which turned out to lines and colors describe the bitter events experienced and children.

The exhibition is the outcome of art project which had been achieved at the Syrian-Turkish borders in Yeldadag refugee camp. 'Free childhood' project concentrated on the atrocities of Assad's regime and the impact of it on children where they tried to express their feeling via colors, oil and brush.

SBF's initiative seeks to carry out many similar exhibitions abroad in Arab and western cities where the voice of Syrian children can be heard through art.