Submit Your Proposal

The Syrian Business Forum (SBF) initiated 'Your Project' which launched the idea of providing Syrian business men and women to a range of relief projects, developmental and education, to help alleviating the people of Syria from the hardships they have been suffering from the regime brutal crackdown. These projects will carry the names of persons and organizations responsible for their funding. The forum welcomes all members of the forum or any organization or people wishing to extend a helping hand to the Syrian revolution and we, the forum, will provide all necessary assistance needed for the success of your projects and the achievement of your desired goals

You can send us an email at [email protected]

Competition for the best project:

The forum announced their launch for a competition, a selection of the best integrated projects in terms of presentation, track, targets, and ability to service the Syrian people in their revolutionary goals; humanitarian, legal, economic, human development, support mobility, improvement of the roles of communities, media, culture, and art. The forum aims to establish this competition in order to interact with visitors of the site, to identify all the ideas, and to build projects able to help the Syrian people. The owner of the best project will receive a small cash prize.

Anyone who is willing and able to put together an integrated project in all the mentioned aspects, please email us at [email protected]